Frequently Asked Questions

My TTS, Sounds, ect. stopped working! What do I do?

There are a couple step you can take before taking drastic measures:

  1. Refresh the cache or page of the browser source in your streaming software
  2. Going to the Profile page and clicking the "Reconnect Main Services" button.

I setup everything, but I don't hear any sound!

OBS is an advanced piece of software, so everyone's audio situation is different. The first step is to open your alert URL in any browser,

  1. Open the Alert URL in any browser, preferably Chrome
  2. The page should be a blank white page. Click anywhere inside the page. Clicking is required because of an Autoplay Policy
  3. If audio plays, the issue lies somewhere in your audio setup, or even your streaming software audio setup.
  4. If audio didn't play, verify that no sound came through by checking an audio mixer and seeing if levels peak. Otherwise try the steps above.

I hear the Video, Sound, Text-to-Speech but it's quiet.

Everyone has different audio setups, operating systems; even different audio drivers could be the culprit. For OBS, one of the best solutions is to add a "Gain" filter onto the audio source.

What are Channel Points?

Twitch channel points allow viewers to watch Twitch streams and gain points that they can spend in that respective Twitch channel. You can read more about Twitch's channel points Here.