Chat Bot Information

Chat commands, and variable information. Chat commands are an easy and effective way to change settings, get information, or run an action on the fly. Variables allow robust, and dynamic chat messages.

Chat Commands

  • !!skip or !skiptts


    Skips the current playing Text To Speech (TTS) message, and plays the next one in the queue.

Response Variables

VariableDescriptionExample Result
${}Name of the person that redeemed the Channel Point rewardJustinFan123
${redeemer.input}User input typed when a reward was redeemedVillain get the money like curls
${}Name of the broadcasters channel. itsgrayf0x
${reward.title}Title of the Channel Point reward redeemedText-to-Speech Message
${reward.cost}Cost of the Channel Point reward redeemed550
${random.chatter}Random chatter in the channel.IsaiahCreati
${random.emote}Random Twitch Emote
${urlfetch}Call external api w/ GET request.sample response in plain text