Information and use-case about Channel Point Features, and other functions that Isaiah Creati's bot provides can be found here! One of the most popular features is Channel Points TTS, also known as Channel Points Text to Speech.

  • Text To Speech (TTS)

    Require User Input

    When a user enters in a message, a Text to Speech Channel Points message will play through the OBS Browser Source.
    Voices can found on the Voices page.

  • Show Emote

    Require User Input

    When a user enters in an emote of their choice, that emote will show up on the OBS Browser Source (I.E. On Stream).
    FFZ (FrankerFaceZ) along with Better TTV Global, and Channel Emotes are supported.

  • Play Sound

    When type Single is selected


    The first sound in the sound list will play.

    When type Multi is selected

    Require User Input

    The user must type the Sound ID for it to play.

    When type Random is selected


    A randomly selected sound from the list will play.

  • Play Video

    Currently works the same as Play Sound, but for videos instead of sounds.

    The position of the videos (Where they show in the OBS Browser Source), can be changed in the Dashboard's Editor.

  • Run Command

    Run command is one of the most underrated features in the website's arsenal. The general idea is that when a Channel Point Reward is redeemed the selected command will run. Keep in mind, rewards may have two different functionalities based on if User Input is required. A good example of this is our Timeout command. When User Input is NOT required (Button Format) it will timeout the person that pressed the button, but if USER INPUT IS REQUIRED it will timeout the username entered in the text entry box.

    • Timeout

      Require User Input

      Enter the username of the user that you want to timeout


      The person that presses the button will be timed out.

    • Fortune Cookie


      The Reward redeemer will be responded to by the chatbot with a random fortune.

    • Follow Age


      The Reward redeemer will be responded to by the chatbot with their follow age of the broadcaster.