March 12, 2023 4:34 PM

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Elevate Your Twitch Stream with Sound & Video Alerts

Introducing the Sound Alerts Media Library: Simplifying Sound and Video Sharing for Twitch Streamers

Are you tired of the hassle involved in sharing sounds and videos with fellow Twitch streamers? We understand your pain. That's why we've revolutionized sound and video sharing with our latest feature: the Sound Alerts Media Library. Say goodbye to tedious file transfers and multiple uploads. We've made it easier than ever to access and share media on Twitch.

Streamlined Sound and Video Sharing Made Easy

We first introduced the Sound Alerts library on the Twitch dashboard to make sound sharing between streamers a breeze. We were well aware of the challenges streamers faced when fellow streamers jumped into their chatrooms, eager to use the sounds and videos they had as rewards. Sharing the files became a nightmare. We often resorted to sending them over Discord, only to have the recipients re-upload them to the website. It was a time-consuming and frustrating process for both the streamers and their viewers. Our goal was to eliminate this hassle once and for all.

But that's not all. We've taken it a step further by introducing Video Alerts in addition to Sound Alerts. With Video Alerts, you can now add captivating videos to your stream, creating an even more engaging experience for your audience. Imagine the excitement of your viewers when they not only hear a unique sound but also see an accompanying video that perfectly complements your stream's theme and atmosphere.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have brainstormed a new and improved way to access media from the Sound Alerts Media Library. We have now created a dedicated page,, where anyone can conveniently view the sounds and videos uploaded to our site. We have implemented these changes for several important reasons:

  1. Fixing Existing Issues: We have resolved the problems associated with adding media to existing rewards.
  2. Improved Media Management: We have reimagined the process of adding media to rewards, making it more user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Effortless Sharing: We wanted to empower both streamers and chatters to easily share sounds and videos using simple URLs.

The Power of the Sidebar and the Sound Alerts Media Library

In the past, we introduced the game-changing "sidebar" feature. This addition transformed how media was added to rewards. By utilizing the sidebar, streamers could seamlessly add new media to their existing rewards. For new rewards, they could turn to the Sound Alerts Media Library for creating captivating rewards that resonated with their audience. However, we encountered a significant issue. There was no smooth transition between the library and creating new rewards. Due to some coding errors, this functionality often caused problems, such as unsaved media or overwriting essential features. To address these concerns, we temporarily disabled the ability to add media to existing rewards through the library. Although this solution wasn't the most user-friendly, it successfully eliminated those pesky bugs.

However, this resolution presented a new challenge. Streamers could only add media through the sidebar, limiting their options. It was at this moment that we realized the urgency to find a permanent fix. Our Sound Alerts Media Library, which now includes Video Alerts, needed a major overhaul. After careful consideration, we made an executive decision.

Embracing Change: What Lies Ahead

Moving forward, the Sound Alerts Media Library will serve as the go-to platform for discovering new sounds and videos and creating exciting new rewards from the vast collection available. If you wish to add media to existing rewards, you can easily incorporate it as a new feature. We acknowledge that this decision stems from accumulated technical debt. When we initially developed this website, our user base consisted of fewer than 100 individuals. We were still learning and growing. The introduction of the sidebar was a game-changer, simplifying the process of adding features to rewards. Its user-friendly nature and foolproof design won our hearts.

With Video Alerts now part of the Sound Alerts Media Library, you have the opportunity to elevate your stream to new heights. Engage your viewers with visually stunning videos that bring your stream's moments to life. Whether it's a funny clip, a powerful cinematic sequence, or a memorable highlight, Video Alerts allow you to create a truly immersive and dynamic experience.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Stream

Our vision extends beyond streamers. We aspire to expand the uploading and sharing capabilities to viewers as well. There have been countless instances where viewers shared funny clips or videos in chat, suggesting them as potential channel point rewards.

Initially, the Sound Alerts library was limited to the dashboard, as we weren't certain if it would gain traction. Today, we are thrilled to offer over 45,000 public sounds and videos for you to choose from. Don't miss out on the enhanced Sound Alerts Media Library, including Video Alerts, at, exclusively for Twitch streamers.