Patch notes
May 22, 2023 2:37 PM

May, 2023 Update

Onboarding, more bug fixes, and QOL changes

So, what’s different?

This update’s focus was onboarding, more bug fixes, and QOL changes.

Monthly updates

I am proposing a new rule: updates once a month. I don't know if anyone has played Rust, but Facepunch updates Rust on the first Thursday of every month. I like this update schedule as a user, so I want to implement something akin to it. I hope it creates excitement for new updates, in addition to an obligation on my part.

XSplit alerts fixed

I fixed the alerts page not working on XSplit. I recently switched over to Zod for form validation and unbeknownst to me it breaks the alert page for Xsplit. It can't read one of the regexes as valid, so it just throws an error. I don't know if Xsplit is using an older version of chromium or something, but yea. Had to switch to a different form validator. Please let me know if anyone knows a way to not import a dependency to a specific route on Next.js using Webpack.

Webpage cleanup duty🧹

It seems like every 6 months I notice the site looks like garbage, so I cleaned up some pages. The main website landing page got a touch-up, and the dashboard’s homepage got reworked. The Creati Plus page also got a flow rework to be easier to navigate. The next page I hope to tackle is the Features page; it's kinda ugly.

New Modals

There are new onboarding modals, as well as changes to the “upload media” modal. For uploading media, you can now upload a file, then directly after choose if you want to create a new reward or extension item with the created media, or choose to upload a new media item altogether. Uploading/creating media should be quicker, much easier, and less painful. When you load the dashboard, you will be greeted with a new welcome modal. Hopefully, this will help new users get started with the bot. For the longest time, I left it up to the user to figure out how to add the alert page. I added a new setup guide to help new users add the alert page, but also tests the connection after you add the page, and send a test alert to make sure you can hear the alerts.

Next month's overview

For next month, I have some things on the agenda.

  • A New feature for Channel Point Rewards, and the Extension
  • Chat-bot stability
  • Show emote resizing
  • URL Fetch Variable object access


  • I fixed the Alerts page not working on XSplit.
  • Minor changes to the new public library.
  • Reworked upload modal.
  • Fixed random chatter variable not working
  • Public library videos should now play on iPhone.
  • New Homepage.
  • New Dashboard Homepage.
  • New Welcome/Onboarding modals for:
    • Dashboard home page
    • Dashboard extension page