Patch notes
January 7, 2022 11:05 AM

January, 2022 Update

Notes and change log for January 6th, 2022 Update

Happy new year. I hope everyone is staying safe. I am excited to announce the new update for January of 2022. There are new additions, changes, fixes — the whole nine yards.

New look

I took some time to redesign and rephrase verbiage on the site. You will probably notice the biggest change on the Dashboard. Before, the dashboard was just a place where you edit your rewards. Now, the dashboard is actually a dashboard with subpages. PogChampion.

The features page also got redone. I tried to remove technical words, but I don’t know how well I did. It’s hard for me to not include a bunch of words, because when channel points first came out I had to explain every little detail. I think everyone now, for the most part, knows what channel points are.

There is also a new Alert Page Status bar on the Dashboard. Some people forget to add their browser source, so hopefully this will remind people to add it. This will probably get moved to it’s own page later.

New alert failed

New alert Success

On the dashboard page you will find multiple pages.

Home: Welcome page!
Rewards: Add functions to channel point rewards (this is the old dashboard page)
Library: Where you can upload, and browse user submitted videos and sounds (more info down below)
Settings: Add users to the Banned User list to ban them from using TTS, also add words to a Filter to block bad words. This filter applies to the Chatbot and TTS. Note: there are nasty words I filter by default on top of the words you add.
Profile: Access reconnection buttons. Banned the chatbot by accident? unban it and click reconnect chatbot, reconnect the service if you are having issues, and refresh rewards if you don’t see new or updated channel point rewards.
Creati +: If you are not subscribed to Creati Plus, you can view your usage limits on this page. If you are subscribed, this is where you can access payment gateways.

This update is another foundation setter. I am either changing or setting things up for new stuff to be added down the line, so stay tuned for that.

New Features

You can now enable 🐢 slow mode, 😂 emote only mode, and ⭐ sub-only mode using channel points. These are found under the “Run Command” feature.

New chat variable: ${urlfetch}. You can now call an external URL and it will replace the variable with the text response. As an example, this is a random number Chat Response:

Random number: ${urlfetch}

The Library

The library is a collection of user submitted sounds, and videos that you can add to channel point rewards! You can allow other to use the sounds or videos that you upload, or even use what others have uploaded. You also don’t have to make the uploads public for others to use. You can choose if you want the uploads publicly available.

I added this new library system to support features I plan on adding later. As a streamer I wanted viewer to submit media. Hopefully later down the line, I can get to opening the library to any viewer and even have viewers request to add media to rewards.

There is a limit of 15 sounds and videos that can be added to channel point rewards. Creati Plus has no limit as of right now, and may or may not change. I will have to monitor usage and activity 🙂

bot.isaiahcreati.com_dashboard_library(Blog Screenshots).png


A new blog system where posts will mainly consist of tips, tutorials, info and updates (like the one you’re reading right now).

Technical jargon overload: I really needed a blog system for a while, but didn’t want to use external blog platforms like medium, and I didn’t want to have to write using markdown or read from files locally forcing a rebuild of the whole frontend app for a small spelling change or tweak. I am using utilizing Next.js’s incremental static regeneration (ISR) with the Notion API. It was slightly a pain the behind, as I had to write a jsx component for every single Notion “block” I wrote. So a component for a text block, audio block, video, embed, title blocks. The thing is, I was going to have to do this either was using markdown too. I am glad I am using notion instead of local markdown files. The content is synced up everywhere I go, Notion has a nice online editor, and it’s free. This is not an ad, I just like the system so far LULW

Backend changes

The backend is the stuff behind the scenes that make the site work. I enjoy making changes, and improving the backend. Sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes I just want to clean up things, and sometimes it sucks huge macadamia nuts. About 80% of the time the changes, or fixes are not seen publicly, but yea, thats where lots of the dev time went.


  • Dashboard overhaul
  • Added the Library
  • Added "🐢 Slow mode" under "⚙️ Run Command"
  • Added "😂 Emote-only mode" under "⚙️ Run Command”
  • Added "⭐ Sub-only mode" under "⚙️ Run Command”
  • Replaced Play Video and Play Sound with new library system. Old Play Sound and Play Video are labeled as "Depreciated", but will still work.
  • New Settings page on dashboard
    • Added filter to settings page. The filter on the TTS reward will no longer be used, this is the replacement.
    • Added Banned User list to settings page. Ban people from using TTS
  • Global queue for the Alerts page.
  • Added Ability to queue sounds
  • New chatbot variable ${urlfetch urlhere}. Fetches a url and returns the plain text
  • Added alert page status bar on the dashboard
  • Added Creati Plus page to dashboard where you access payment gateways
    • If you are not a Creati Plus subscriber, this is where you can view your limits
  • Added search bar to Voices page
  • New icons throughout the site
  • New blog system
  • Backend changes