Patch notes
January 10, 2023 12:01 PM

December, 2022 Update

Patch notes, and changelog regarding things I did before December because the changes happened before December

Happy holidays everyone!

I am going to try and keep this short and sweet.

New features have been brainstormed, and are currently being worked on! I’m very excited, and they should be released in the next coming months. On top of new features being worked on, behind the scenes I have been working on something secret. It needs to pass the review process, but it should be released in the next week, so also stay tuned for that.

With regards to this update, the alert page got a complete rewrite. For a while, the alert page was like a messy bedroom and now it feels like squeaky clean. The other noticeable change would be how you add media to rewards. I took away the ability to add media from the library page. Now, temporarily, you can ONLY add media to rewards through the side bar. You can do this by either adding a new sound/video feature to a reward, or adding additional media to an existing reward. Either way, it’s through the sidebar. There were some issues adding media through the library page, so I need to disable it until further notice.


  • Alerts page rewrite
  • Added Your Uploads tab to the media sidebar to quickly add your uploaded media to rewards.
  • Temporarily restricted adding media to the sidebar only. Media will still need to be uploaded on the Library page.
  • Added buttons to the top of the rewards page for easier access to the positioner and creating a rewards.
  • Fixed legacy account bug.
  • Fixed punishment Target Username field not being editable
  • Fixed other minor sidebar bugs.
  • Lots, and lots of work on super secret thing that will be released soon :)


I would like to say sorry. I wish I would’ve posted more this year, and was more in tune with the needs of everyone. I know I made lots of progress on the website, but part of me feels I could’ve done more. I’ve squashed a-lot of high target bugs, so my main focus will be new features and the other secret things.

Hope you guys have had a good start to the year! Expect another post in a week or two.

— Isaiah