February 11, 2023 6:45 PM

Introducing Creati’s Extension — A bit focused companion to the bot

Let viewers use bits to interact with the stream

Install the Extension on Twitch

What it does

In short: text-to-speech (TTS) messages, video alerts, sound alerts, and punishments (timeouts).

Text-to-Speech Messages (TTS)

Choose from 61 different languages and 27 different languages like Brian, Justin. AI voices are also supported, so go crazy with the voice provided or if you have a custom voice you can use those as well!

Sound Alerts & Video Alerts

Play a funny sound, or a loud alert to scare the streamer. The possibilities are endless! Either upload your own sound and video clips, or explore thousands of user submitted sounds and videos from the library.

Punishments (Timeouts)

Timeout a chatter! let viewers select a target from the chatroom and punish them! Time them out for a duration from 1 second timeout all the way to 30 minutes! The broadcaster and moderators cannot be punished.


Choose between blue, red, purple, green or orange (orange not shown below).

I tried to provide a base set of colors that looked nice and paired with most streamer themes. If you have a primary color you want, please do let me know. I’ll see what I can do!

Overlay & Chat Alerts

Get alerted via overlay and chat alerts. Easily add the web overlay to your preferred streaming software’s browser source. Most popular streaming softwares like OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs, etc. are supported. Also, by default, a chat alert will be sent when any feature like sounds, videos, punishments, or tts is used.


The goal of this extension is to be a platform where I can implement features that would otherwise not work with channel point rewards. As much as I love channel points, there are ideas & features that just don’t work well.

I plan on adding more features as time goes on. I have some fun, interactive features I’ve been brainstorming. As of now, there are four main features of the extension: TTS messages, sound alerts, video alerts, and punishments.

Ready to get started?

Install the extension on Twitch to get started!

If you have any issues check out the help page for more resources.