Isaiah Creati's Bot

A free, simple, Twitch integration & chat bot to elevate your Channel Point rewards!

Enhance Your Channel Points!

Creati's bot allows you to add unique and robust features to your channel point rewards!

Play a Funny Sound Clip

Timeout a chatter (30 sec)

Text to Speech

Guess 1-5 for VIP

Tell your fortune

Ask the Magic Ball a question

Flex Your Follow Age

Enable Emote-Only Mode (120 Seconds)

Why Creati's Bot?

Feature rich

Find interactive features that fit your stream/community!

Free, quick, and easy

Get starting within minutes and zero cost to get going!

Cloud based

Nothing to install or download. Just add a browser source!

Active updates

I am constantly updating! Check out the blog for recent updates/changes.

Explore sound alerts for your stream!

Browse sounds and videos to add to your stream on the Library. Add to them to your channel point rewards, or the extension!

Streamers using Creati's Bot

Big or small, Creati's bot is used by thousands of content creators, and loved by their chat.

qneeks's Profile Picture
Old School Runescape


Isaiah’s bot gives me more opportunities to entertain/raise engagement with my chat. All my channel point redeems are linked to Isaiah’s bot. It was easy to set up, and navigate. I added it over a year ago, and it became a staple to my livestream as well as my community. I'm always looking forward to the new updates, and how Isaiah can push the envelope.

qneeks uses:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Sound Alert
  • Video Alert
Yeatle's Profile Picture


Mr. Creati's chat bot and channel points system has been a HUGE addition to my stream. Just the text-to-speech feature alone is used at least 100 times a day, whether it be to cheer me on, remind me to check on the pizza or have a funny british man read out the declaration of independence. Needless to say my streams wouldn't be the same without the things on this site.

Yeatle uses:

  • Text-to-Speech
Chefgucciness's Profile Picture


Everything is super simple, it doesn't take any time to setup! Any questions or help I need, it's not complicated or time consuming to contact the developer :)

Chefgucciness uses:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Show Emote
  • Run Command
  • Install the Extension!

    Want more than channel point rewards? The extension uses bits! Let viewers play TTS Messages, sound alerts, video alerts, and punish chatters.